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Datees Industrial and manufacturing factory is placed in Eyvanaki Industrial town (55km of the east of Tehran ,with an area of more than 16000 m2) and has started its professional activity by manufacturing the built in hobs in more than 120 different and beautiful types.
By efforts of the professional engineers, diligent workers and the experienced directorate, Datess company received different international and national standards and certifications such as: management of quality control from TUV of Italy (ISO 9001: 2008) with the track number: 4753138, Standard certification of exporting products to Europe (CE) from TUV of Italy with the track number: 4753139, the standard sign of the Islamic Republic of Iran with track number: 7321212895,
And also this company is the first holder of the national standard of after sales service in the field of kitchen equipment (built in hobs, built in ovens, kitchen hood, kitchen sinks) with track number: 664163322
Datees products are beautifully and accurately shrinked in the unique packages to resist against dirt and probable harms.
First the product will be shrinked and after placing it into the carton, it will be shirinked and again and it would be ready for a safe transportation to all over the country and the world.
Also this company is the first holder of the national standard for after sales service in built in hob , oven and kitchen hood field with tracking number : 664163392 .

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